Esoteric journey

There is the outer journey – the sailing, the places I go and the people I meet.  But really, what I’m here for is the inner journey, and that’s what counts. My soul’s sojourn here in on earth, in this incarnation, is for me to learn, or more truly, remember what I already know deep down.

The innermost journey is not so easy to write about and normally stays private.  I now I have the will to write more about this and will try to do so if there is interest in this journey.

There have been a few times in my life when I was deeply content. I have a sense, but don’t clearly recall, that in my early childhood I was content. And then I gradually lost that, as I became captured by the outer world.

In my adult life, in hindsight, I found a place of contentment after I had been sailing for some months back in the early eighties.  This contentment with what is lasted a few months until I was gradually absorbed again by the busy-ness of everyday working life again.

Then more recently when I was caring for my wife Sue I found a deep contentment for two years of that time. But lost it again in the time leading up to her leaving this incarnation.

And since that time I have known it only in passing. And at least part of my motivation for sailing is to find that contentment again.

And what is contentment?

When I am in harmony I am content. When my inner and outer paths are matching. When my actions match the highest purpose of my soul.

And now there is something not in alignment. There is a dissonance in the symphony of my life.

The way, the journey, is to find that harmony.

It interesting to ponder on the esoteric meaning of Current Sunshine. Consider that current means present or now, and sunshine is a synonym for light, love, consciousness. Putting them together we see that Current Sunshine is a synonym for Loving Presence, or Conscious Presence.

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  1. Hi Chris , as new comer to your blog it is inspiring to read a” bearing of the soul” in the public arena , as men we are not encouraged to do so. Please keep up the good work. Sorry for your loss. regards Alistair

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