Torqeedo range

I plan to list the Torqeedo models here together with my description of them, and pricing details. To begin with here’s some details of the 1003 which is suitable for dinghies and small craft. The official Torqeedo catalog is available for download here.

The Travel 1003 is the newest Torqeedo and I’ve ordered one myself for use on my dinghy. It has some important features which are clearly critical for me and the main one is that it is totally waterproof.  You can see what happened when I deep-sixed my Travel 801 in my blog entry about that misadventure.

The 1003 is guaranteed waterproof to 1 metre for 1 hour of immersion but I have heard of one being under for 5 hours at a depth of a few metres and it was working fine after retrieval. The battery and the motor are both waterproof and the cable connectors and sockets are waterproof whether they are connected together or not.

Its more powerful than the 801 and it will be interesting to try it on Current Sunshine and see what speed we can get with it – with a clean hull I’m hoping it will do close to 4 knots.

A rumoured feature of this model that’s important to me is that you can use a remote throttle with it.  Recently at Claude’s office we attached a remote throttle from an Ultra-Light to check this out – and it works fine. So I would like to get be a throttle with a 5 m cable so I can mount the 1003 on a float and operate it from the cockpit. I hope it will fit on the bracket that I made for the 801. With this motor running in conjunction with the main motor it should make it easy for manouvring in tight spaces.

There’s quite a demand for this model and I’m hoping to get three from Claude’s next shipment into Australia – which we hope to be mid-June. If you’d like one of these models soon call me on 0409466271 because they’re in short supply.

The price of the short shaft 1003 is $2695.00 and includes a 400 Whr battery thats good for about 25 minutes at full speed, or 8 hours at low speed.

A feature that I’d like to see is an external battery adaptor such as you can get with the 801 Base Travel. But for now the only power source is the integrated battery.  A spare battery for the 1003 is $945. But if even that’s not enough range for your use with this size of motor you’ll want to consider the 801 base Travel for $1895  (and you’ll need to supply external battery pack of 24v).

What the price includes. For those in my vicinity I will deliver the motor and commission it for you. I’ll go through the procedures with you to be sure that you are familiar with its operation. Outside my area there will be a delivery charge, and we’ll go through the commissioning by phone.

From my experience with the Cruise 4 I have found it useful to treat the screw clamps with Tef-Gel which guards against oxidation and ensures they remain easy to unscrew even after repeated dunkings.  I’ll treat the screws on your motor in the same way before delivery.  I’ll also protect the electrical connectors with contact cleaner, as advised by Torqeedo.

You get a 2 year  warranty from the manufacturer. If any warranty repairs need to be done to your motor, Torqeedo pays for all shipping back to the distributor.

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