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Torqeedo Cruise 4 from below - showing steering being set up.

I am now an official Torqeedo dealer, and I’ll use this page for technical and pricing information about Torqeedos.  Practical usage stories about my two Torqeedoes will still appear as part of the regular blog, as well as here.

To begin with I’ll include some information about how I’ve been using the Cruise 4 as the main engine and the Travel 801 on the dinghy. (I use wordpress for this blog and I’ll read up some more about how I can add some sub-pages so the information can be collated in an orderly fashion that will give you the information you need.)

Until I set up a page for the prices, you can download the pdf price list from the Torqeedo Australia website here – these are the prices I’ll be using.  If you’re in my area I’ll hand deliver the Torqeedo and set it up for you.  If you are more distant you’ll need to allow for courier delivery charges on top of the prices listed.

Spectra lines and brackets to steer the Cruise 4 parallel to rudder

Go to the page Torqeedo range for details of the various motors and accessories available. You can order products from the Torqeedo Shop page.

This is how you can contact me, Chris Baker:

Phone: 0409466271

Mail: PO Box 891, Avalon, NSW 2107

email: (I don’t want to write my email address properly because I’ll get lots of computer generated spam, so you’ll just substitute the ‘@’ character for the -at- )

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  1. I am interested in a small electric outboard for my tender. We are not allowed to keep petrol at our sailing club and I have to lug my little 2hp Yamaha up and down the hill. I thought I could leave a little electric jobby at the club and maybe a small solar panel to top it up. It is only about 500 m to my boat so it would not use much charge. What do you think?

  2. Dear Chris, I live in the Marshall Islands, and would like to talk or correspond with you about electric drive for multihulls. The atolls use proa’s, and are equatorial, so I see the use of electric outboards as the future (as an adjunct to sail, with solar charging).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards, Nick

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