Amp wanking

Sue and Marv

My friend Sue Van Horn introduced me to the phrase amp wanking. She and her husband Marv sailed from Alaska to Australia, and generally around this part of the Pacific on their Lord Nelson 41, Susitna, in the 90’s. Many’s the time when the main conversation between Marv and other yachties was comparing how many amps each is winning from solar panels, wind generators and so on.  And how much is going out from the fridge and the nav gear and the rest.

Sue was soon over it, and aptly named it amp wanking.

And so it is that much of this blog is amp wanking.  But not to be daunted by the pejorative title here’s more of it.  Perhaps it should have it own page and not appear in the main blog…

Anyway, the engine and battery log can better be presented graphically so instead of just boring text its just a boring graph.  But colourful.

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