Bunyip Verde

Ramon, Araceli, Alonso and Hector on the beach at Brown Lake

What will we call the boat?

Well, we’re here on Brown Lake at Straddie and we’re worried about the Bunyip that Pete has warned us about so if we name it after him surely he’ll leave us alone…

But it needs two names.  What about Green Bunyip because the research work is green and the boat is green? Continue reading “Bunyip Verde”

New website for Torqeedo shop

Since I’ve been selling Torqeedo outboards in Sydney I’ve been using this blog for information about the Torqeedoes, testing on different boats and for operating an on-line shop.  Its now moved to a new home at its own website for selling Torqeedos at thetorqeedoshop.com.au

For the next month I’ll leave the Torqeedo information here but later will move all shop related stories over to the new site. Continue reading “New website for Torqeedo shop”

Woolwich and quirky Balmain

Sunrise from Woolwich - Sydney Harbour bridge on the right

So I could have nearby accommodation while manning a stand at the boat show I brought Current Sunshine down to Woolwich Marina. Andrew Bray came along for the ride and we chased Plastiki but couldn’t quite catch her. Halfway down from Pittwater we caught site of Plastiki—not hard to spot because of the swarm of new choppers buzzing around her.

And in case you’re wondering why we couldn’t catch her Continue reading “Woolwich and quirky Balmain”