Torqeedo shop

Well, I’ve jumped in the deep end…  I feel that to do a proper job of offering Torqeedo electric outboards for sale I need not only an on-line shop but a real shop where you can come and try one for yourself.  So I’ve rented a nice office around at the Princes St Marina at Crystal Bay, Newport. Continue reading “Torqeedo shop”

Blue mountains

From Fort rock looking into Kanimbla Valley

Con and I are planning an overnight hiking trip in the Megalong valley sometime soon, and just to test my fitness we did a short and interesting day walk from Blackheath.  We loaded our packs with our camping gear and pretty much what we’d need for camping overnight and a couple of days tucker – just so we weren’t kidding ourselves by just taking a small day pack. Continue reading “Blue mountains”

on experience

I well know that, not being a literary man, certain presumptuous persons will think that they may reasonably deride me with the allegation that I am a man without letters. Stupid fellows! Do they not know that I might reply as Marius did in answering the Roman patricians, by saying that they who adorn themselves with the labours of others, will not concede to me my very own: they will say that, not having learning, I will not properly speak of that which I wish to elucidate. But do they not know know that my subjects are to be better illustrated from experience than by yet more words? — experience which has been the mistress of all those who wrote well, and, thus as mistress, I will cite her in all cases.

–Leonardo da Vinci