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  1. Hi Chris

    Nice toy, interesting site. I am rather jealous. I play in the renewable spaces somewhat.

    Sorry to bring this up, but I have firsthand seen the results of Thundersky lithium fires from charging issues. I’ve been looking into electric motorcycles / cars.

    Email back if you want to discuss.

    Also – re regeneration – will the propeller pitch be ideal for this? I would have thought you would need a different pitch and profile to get effective regen. Have you looked into this aspect?


  2. Hi Paul,

    Your comment about litium fires concerns me, but which Thundersky batteries did you see problems with? The ones I’m using are LFP, and Thundersky do have other types. The LFP have a different pole, which is meant to eliminate that potential for thermal cascade.

    And indeed, will the propeller pitch be ideal for regen? this is still an open question. In some limited tests I’ve done so far it seems that with the finer pitch (5 inches) the regen starts at a lower speed, but *maybe* is not so good at higher speeds.

    I expect it will be a juggling act to find the best balance between thrust and optimising current draw on the one hand, and getting the best regen on the other. So far I’ve been focussing on reducing current draw when motoring. Its likely I’ll try a two bladed finer prop next. But such a prop will be more expensive, and i’ll wait and see how it unfolds when I start cruising up the coast.



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