Ahaa – now I get it.

What was the message…

You know, this recent stream of remarkable near catastrophic events with flooding.  In the first case the mooring broke just at the right moment and then she moved to a safe position to avoid a collision with the barge and Analiese. And then this latest flood, where the collision with Inglelooseberg could have been destructive, but was just a gentle touch. In both cases catastrophe was averted but minor damage requiring my attention has kept me here.  For what?

Well, of course doofus – there was still more work to do on the motor. Had I left a few weeks ago, the motor could easily have failed at a critical moment such as crossing a bar.

As it is, I now have the opportunity to re-engineer the Epod, or change to Torqeedo. By the way, the Torqeedo test has been put off for a few days, perhaps the end of the week.

I continue to be fascinated by the way my life unfolds with serendipity, how circumstances which may seem unsatisfactory to begin with, prove to have a divine purpose.

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  1. too much philosophy and esoteric STUFF, the oyster out there, the world, is waiting for a little Current Sunshine, as they say in the classic, Come on Sunshine, Get on With It!

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