My Epod is for sale

I’m selling my Epod – the details are here. If you’re interested you can write to me at chris at, or by using the comment facility on this page. (don’t worry, it will be kept private – just in case you’re thinking all comments show up publicly).  I’ve now listed it on Ebay

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  1. Can you tell us more about the Thundersky batteries. What system are you using to charge and did you solve the capacity problem? Did they come with the BMS ? Thank you Harry

  2. Hi Harry,

    I’m on the slip at present and my time is focussed on getting her ready to go back in the water on Friday. After that I’ll have more time for details. But just quickly, I’m using a dc-dc converter from 12v to 60v for charging, so its slow. Right now I’m doing another discharge test which is also slow, because I can’t use the motor to draw down the batteries – instead I’m using a 60v to 12v dc-dc converter to go the other way.

    The discharge tests are continuing. My first test after finding the low capacity problem (ie low voltage alarm at 140 amphours) has produced a similar but better result. Low voltage was at 155 amphours this time. I’m in the middle of another one now and hoping for more improvement again.

    Back again when I’m in the water.


    ps BMS is from Rod Dilkes of EV Power in Western Australia.

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