Verbatim movie

You might know her as Verbatim and if so you’ll get a kick out of this movie clip. Ian Johnston provided this video of her when she was in her prime as a racer.  This is a publicity clip commissioned by Verbatim, the sponsors of the time.

Click on the following link to show the movie in another window.  Its my first attempt at uploading a movie clip so let me if it works for you.


3 Replies to “Verbatim movie”

  1. Hi Chris – That video is a great find! She has/had a nice action through the open water. Those amas got a thorough workout. I like the site and look forward to returning often.

    Keep in touch – especially when you are passing Manly.

  2. Hello,

    im impressed of your Website. Its really good. Im Sven from germany, i have a trimaran too. My tri, the “l’espoir tri” works with a Torqeedo cruise R 2.0. You can see it on my Homepage.

    best wishes from Germany


  3. Hi Sven – thanks for your feedback. I checked your website – I can guess some of what is shown but I do not have any German and so couldn’t read your blog.

    I have heard of your adventures from Matti, who is often on the electric boats discussion group. So far I am very impressed with my Torqeedo and I’m looking forward to having Current Sunshine back in the water where she belongs.



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