I’m back with a photo of me putting the new name on here at Dockside in the heart of Brisbane. These are vinyl letters that are applied wet and for a minutes I can move them around to get them aligned. The backing paper is still on “Current” in this photo. Pretty soon I’ll have a naming ceremony, and then she’ll be officially in Neptune’s log 🙂

I’ve just ordered a watermaker to convert seawater to freshwater, so that I can be self sufficient. This is a 12v system and so is also powered by the sun.


2 Replies to “renaming”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Current sunshine looks great…..know nothing about boats but it sure looks nice. Sounds like you are having a good time together!.
    Going to Ian and Janelle’s tonight for an info evening about our Peru trip.
    Looking forward to the trip.
    Hope you are well and enjoying life.
    Love, Ros.

  2. Hi Ros,

    I haven’t checked in here for a few weeks – as you can see from the lack of activity. And right now I’m opal mining at Greg and Jutta’s. I was at an old boys reunion at the warrumbungles which is barely two hours from hear so I took the opportunity to dig some opal. I got onto a reasonable patch yesterday but I need Greg to look at it to judge how good it is. He and Jutta will be baclk tomorrow and then we’ll know how rich I am!

    I would love to visit Peru sometime. Maybe I’ll sail there someday. Have fun.


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