Battery Power

I’ve been exploring options for battery power for electric propulsion – it looks like I can use Lithium batteries. For details see the battery power page. The price may be scary though… I’ve written to Saft in France about this.


I’m back with a photo of me putting the new name on here at Dockside in the heart of Brisbane. These are vinyl letters that are applied wet and for a minutes I can move them around to get them aligned. The backing paper is still on “Current” in this photo. Pretty soon I’ll have a naming ceremony, and then she’ll be officially in Neptune’s log 🙂

I’ve just ordered a watermaker to convert seawater to freshwater, so that I can be self sufficient. This is a 12v system and so is also powered by the sun.


Back in Brisbane

After a week at sea and in various harbours I’m now back in Brisbane moored at Dockside – handy to those essential coffee shops. In a moment, I’ll check my email and try assuage my guilt at not doing my work while at sea.

This weekend, after going to the office (see how bad I’m feeling about not doing my work… 🙁 ) I’ll try to put up news of the sail from Lake Macquarie to Brisbane.

back later