Seakayaker magazine report on Ultralight

In the June 2010 issue of Seakayaker magazine there’s an interesting report on the Ultralight.  The interesting thing is the extra speed they got from their kayak by adding simple streamlining the the shaft of the Ultralight.

It makes a big improvement—increasing the speed from 4.25 knots to 5.5 knots—and just by adding a simple foil to the shaft. It follows a similar pattern the shape of the leg on other Torqeedo models and it begs the question of why didn’t Torqeedo do this already? Especially as it a feature of every other model.

Anyway, you’ll want to read it yourself—click here to go to this article on Seakayaker website.

World’s first dedicated Torqeedo shop

For five days from last Thursday I was immersed in the razzamatazz of the Sydney boat show on the Torqeedo Australia stand. A partner of Torqeedo, Christoph Ballin, was visiting from Germany and helped out on the stand as well as dropped by to my new office at Newport.  Christoph was enthusiastic about what I’m doing here and its interesting that my business is the world’s first dedicated Torqeedo shop. Continue reading “World’s first dedicated Torqeedo shop”

Ultralight sea trials

Malcolm installed Hobie hatch for battery stowage below decks

A few days ago I got back to Malcolm’s shed and we finished installing the Ultralight kayak motor. While I’d been skiving off on a hiking trip to Wild Dog Mountains Malcolm had sourced a suitable hatch and installed that. The hatch is a Hobie accessory and is just the right size to take the battery and it has a waterproof seal and a good locking mechanism. It means the battery can be stowed below decks and its weight is as low as possible. Continue reading “Ultralight sea trials”