Blue mountains

From Fort rock looking into Kanimbla Valley

Con and I are planning an overnight hiking trip in the Megalong valley sometime soon, and just to test my fitness we did a short and interesting day walk from Blackheath.  We loaded our packs with our camping gear and pretty much what we’d need for camping overnight and a couple of days tucker – just so we weren’t kidding ourselves by just taking a small day pack. Our packs were a reasonable 12 or 13 kg each and probably would be just a little more when we add a frypan and a couple of other things we left out.

I’m looking forward to heading down into the valley and spending a night or two in the bush really soon… and in the meantime here’s some more pictures from this shakedown walk.

Wild colours huh
Its those lichen again
Babbling brook
Red and yellow lichen
Track goes behind this waterfall
Colours visable after flloding scoured the rocks clean
Short diversion up this delighful canyon
Con ready to trek into the wilderness

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