Torqeedo shop

Well, I’ve jumped in the deep end…  I feel that to do a proper job of offering Torqeedo electric outboards for sale I need not only an on-line shop but a real shop where you can come and try one for yourself.  So I’ve rented a nice office around at the Princes St Marina at Crystal Bay, Newport.

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And you’ll see here on the Current Sunshine website that I’ve added an on-line shop so you can see the prices and buy on line.  Three of Travel 1003 model arrived last Thursday – one of them for my own use to replace the 801 that I deep-sixed.  Of the other two one has been sold to David who plans to put it on an inflatable catamaran/kayak so he can easily go camping along some remote rivers.  When he gets it setup I’ll get some photos – it could be interesting.

I’ll be moving into the office in about a week from now – I’ll put up more details then. In the meantime if you’d like a demo of the 1003 on the water just call me on 0409 466 271 to arrange a time.

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