New website for Torqeedo shop

Since I’ve been selling Torqeedo outboards in Sydney I’ve been using this blog for information about the Torqeedoes, testing on different boats and for operating an on-line shop.  Its now moved to a new home at its own website for selling Torqeedos at

For the next month I’ll leave the Torqeedo information here but later will move all shop related stories over to the new site.

It feels right to separate my personal blog about travels, adventures and personal insight from the, some say, boring technical and sales information about the electric outboards.

My company is Creative Engineering and for a while it has been on the back burner. I started the company back in the 80’s for selling the road design software that I developed.  And a few years ago my interest in it waned and I passed on the rights to my friends in Italy at Interstudio – they are continuing to develop the software.  Now Creative Engineering will have a new lease on life as the vehicle for selling Torqeedo outboards.  As well I hope my interest in software development has returned but for the time being I have to re-skill – much has changed in the intervening few years.

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